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The Horse is Valentine (Guess today's Saint)

We are continuing the tradition of presenting the Saints. But today, you must guess which Saint it is. No cheating (Answer is at bottom).

I have not yet figured out how to download video to my computer but I might be able to at least download here from YouTube. If it works, you will have an opportunity to witness a couple minutes of what life is really like here in New York. This clip is from Guys and… Continue

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First Day of the Week of Love (Full Moon Tonight)

There is always a good reason to start out with Bill. He is playing Hunter S. Thompson here in the underrated Where the Buffalo Roam.* So far superior to Johnny Depp's Hunter, there is no comparison. At least Johnny paid for the funeral, but you can't buy your way into Heaven. Anyway, Hunter's best friend and neighbor was George Stranahan who is partly responsible for the reunion on this page of some old friends. George is pointing out… Continue

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Because this week began with Groundhog Day, the themes for the week were violence to rodents, Bill Murray and saints. As the coming week ends with Valentine's Day, I promise the themes will shift from violence and rodents to beauty, sweetness and light. The giant star-nosed mole was fun wasn't he? So I will leave you with some more rodent fun and another animated Bill Murray short.…


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Bill and the Rodents

Significant highlights of Bill Murray's career have occurred when he has been matched up with rodents, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day and now, just available on DVD, is City of Ember where he is the dissolute Mayor of the underground city Ember (see above). Bill encounters a giant star-nosed mole in the city's tunnels (see below).…


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Vendredi (Banlieue 13)

This is not a normal weekend for me since I have to go to work in Midtown tomorrow. My visions of rodent carnage did not materialize. All quiet. So, I looked for some other diversion tonight. Last Friday I went to see the new film Taken with Liam Neeson as a retired CIA agent who goes to Paris to recover his kidnapped daughter. I enjoyed seeing a movie full of cheap thrills after so many depressing ones. So, I rented the filmmaker Pierre… Continue

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Saint Agatha's Day

The day got away from me. It has already passed from St. Agatha's Day to St. Gaston's Day but we will save Gaston for another time.

While I had dreams of waking to a scene like this:

The mice were clever and stayed away. The most effective bait I have found is peanut butter. Maybe the mice have been reading about salmonella poisoning. Anyway, I… Continue

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Saint Veronica's Day

I had planned to write about depictions of Saint Veronica, the Shroud of Turin and Photography but the pictures are so good and I have other things to do, like set traps for the mice again. Five months of peaceful co-existence since the last slaughter - eleven mice! It looked like they were all gone but the last few weeks they have been less discrete on their nocturnal rounds. The death knell rings.…


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It Snowed Today in Brooklyn

View from my front door

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Groundhog Day

I always liked Groundhog Day. There is something nice about feeling that our fate for the next six weeks depends on a small furry creature. In New York, a groundhog on Staten Island is traditionally consulted. This year, he bit Mayor Bloomberg's hand and drew blood. I hope that means that the mayor will not be allowed to run for a third term. Shadow or no shadow, we always have six more weeks of winter. But maybe this year the groundhog's insight is… Continue

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