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New Edition of Koudelka's 'Gypsies'

The new, revised edition of Josef Koudelka's book Gypsies that is based on the original maquette from 1968 will be released in several languages this fall. At Aperture in the U.S. and with Torst in Prague. For the Czech launch of the book Ceska Televize has done a brief interview with Koudelka at his apartment in… Continue

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Censorship Tells the Wrong Story

By pixelating otherwise ordinary images, advertising firm Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai created a campaign for freedom of the press for Reporters Without Borders. For more examples follow the link here.…


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The Brutality of Bike Racing

Alberto Contador punches a fan who got too close.
Johnny Hoogerland was thrown off the road and…

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MSU Archaeologists, Wolverine, Michigan, Summer 1974

This motley crew, led by Chuck Cleland (standing upper left) and Bill Lovis (with walrus mustache seated lower right), was fueled by 99% pure grain alcohol and Kool-Aid. I'm the one standing in the shorts, vest and straw… Continue

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Viewing John's Exhibition in Aix-en-Provence

In one of the room's where John's exhibition was installed we could not find a way to turn on the lights. So John wound up his hand-crank flashlight and illuminated each picture for me. It was a very special viewing.…


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Keep On Riding!

Photo by Emile Savitry

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Do You Care How Your Computer Sees You?

[UPDATED 19.07.11] Kyle McDonald installed software on computers in Apple Stores that photographs in-store users. Seems like a harmless artist's exercise. No one got hurt. Then the artist was awakened by four 'Secret Service' agents [don't know why it says that instead of FBI agents]. See the video below [subsequently…


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Paris Love Story

I had dinner with my friend John G. Morris and his 'girlfriend' Pat Trocme last night. They have been together for a bit over a year now and are very much in love like a couple of adolescents. John told me about a short film (below) made for his Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony at the International Center of…


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